Having recently updated our own home, I reflected back on what I feel were some of the simplest and most budget friendly projects that made the biggest difference in our home. As a home owner, there seems to be an inevitable duty of maintenance, repairs, and projects around your homestead.  However, there are some DIY projects that can add to the longevity, aesthetics, and comforts of your home.

Front Door Upgrade

  1.  Replacing Your Front Door:  Serving you every day, your front door welcomes guests, opens and closes for the passage of your family, and safely seals up your home. Quite often, we don’t even realize the wear and tear that our front doors receive after years of service.  Replacing your front door adds instant curb appeal and can transform the entry.  I was  surprised at the difference our new door made on both the outside and inside of our home.
  2. Replace the Hardware:  Exchanging outdated hardware for new hardware gives your home an instant upgraded look.  This was one of the first projects we completed in our home.  Once you begin searching, you’ll be surprised at how many door knobs, cabinet knobs, and faucets exist in your home.  A new faucet in the kitchen or bathroom can add that modernization that your home was needing, in addition to better functionality.
  3. Update Lighting:  Good, updated lighting can make a room look larger and warmer.  Therefore, switch out old-fashioned fixtures and update them with energy efficient models. A fixture with an attractive design can change the look and feel of a room more than you might think.
  4. New LightingInstall Quality Ceiling Fans:  Today, ceiling fans have become an essential component to homes as energy prices continue to rise. Ugly, wobbly, noisy fans are a thing of the past. Now, ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and colors to compliment and refresh any room.  Choosing high quality fans will give better cooling results and save you money in the long run.
  5. Spruce Up Landscaping and Exterior:  Unfortunately, it can be easy to overlook the your home’s exterior, leaving you to discover peeling paint, dirty windows, and sparse landscaping.  This past summer, after doing a thorough exterior walk around our home, we realized some of these items were a must do.  A fresh coat of paint on the exterior trim is just what our home needed.  Renewing your trim with a fresh coat of paint, washing the outside windows, and sprucing up your landscaping adds great curb appeal and prevents deferred maintenance.